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Adam Lisagor, Sandwich Video: Telling Stories – Well Made E22

June 8, 2017 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“You just get to the bottom of what’s valuable about the product and you try to convey that value to people who have never experienced the product.”

Adam Lisagor is responsible for this new kind of commercial that's not overly flashy or gimmicky. Instead, the tone of the ads he's made for companies like Square, Warby Parker, and Airbnb is much like his own — sincere, frank, and funny, with a kind of irresistible quirkiness.

After film school at NYU and a happenstance career in visual effects, Adam shot a video for an app he made and stumbled into becoming the guy to make videos for Silicon Valley's star companies. In many cases, he's even the guy starring in them. You may recognize him from that national TrueCar commercial. 

Adam's team at Sandwich Video takes on all kinds of apps, gadgets, and ecommerce products while trying to represent the people often ignored on screen. Most recently, they've even started using their talents to embark on a more social mission. He talks about all this and more on this episode of Well Made.

 Adam Lisagor, Sandwich Video: Telling Stories – Well Made E22

You can follow Adam on Twitter and Instagram. Sandwich Video is also on Twitter and Instagram.

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