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Sara Hicks: Leveling the Playing Field – Well Made E25

July 13, 2017 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

For a lot of people, Geocities marks the beginning of the internet as we know it. Sara Hicks was there from the early days, working with web "neighborhoods" at what was basically the web's first social network. 

From Geocities to Yahoo and Etsy, the theme of Sara's career seems to be building tools to connect people. Her latest venture, Reaction Commerce, is the culmination of all those experiences.

Sara believes that the future of e-commerce is personalization via data, and to offer that, flexibility is key. Reaction Commerce is a versatile, real-time, open source solution. From managing inventory to product pages and purchases, the platform is ever-evolving and scales up with your business. 

On this episode, Sara talks to Stephan about how they built Reaction Commerce, fostering communities, why the platform will always be open source, and the future of e-commerce.

“For what we want to build, being open source is kind of the only way to do it. Otherwise we would die by a thousand cuts.”

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