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Web Smith: Outmaneuvering the Behemoth – Well Made E28

October 19, 2017 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“Don't fold your hand because you think that Amazon has dominion over the entire internet.”

Web Smith's past experiences in retail, tech, and ecommerce have all lead to his current role as Director of Partnerships at Cotton Bureau. This new role fits him like a glove (or a very comfy tee.) Long before Andy Dunn coined the abbreviation DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brand), Web was creating thoughtful content and genuine connections to sell stuff online.

From Pittsburgh, 3,000 miles from Silicon Valley, Web tracks every new brand and acquisition that pops up in ecommerce. He shares his ecommerce predictions and reflections in his newsletter, 2PM Links. It's a hyper curated digest of all the latest data and news in ecommerce. 

Web's experience is deep-seeded in the place where tech, retail, and ecommerce overlap. He's worked on every side of retail from his role as the CMO at Mizzen+Main to the Director of Ecommerce at Gear Patrol. With Amazon and Walmart swooping up new brands, it seems like the perfect time to talk to him. It's too early to know the long term effects these acquisitions will have on the ecommerce landscape, but if anyone has an informed prediction, it's Web.

In this episode, Stephan talks to Web about what to expect from the shifting ecommerce landscape, startup disruption burnout, and how DNVBs can adapt to compete with retail giants.

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