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David Hua, Meadow: Playing Within the Rules – Well Made E36

March 1, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“We realized there were so many more tools and harder problems than the consumer being able to push a button to get cannabis.”

For tech startup Meadow, there hasn’t been a more pivotal time than now. The legalization of cannabis in California marks the end of a modern prohibition era and the beginning of legal grey areas and logistical obstacles that Meadow is hoping to alleviate with their software enterprise. 

David Hua is the CEO and co-founder of the cannabis-based business. In 2014, they launched with a consumer-facing online application for on-demand medical marijuana delivery and expanded to evaluations with MeadowMD in 2015. Since then, they created Meadow Platform, a SaaS that powers ecommerce and point-of-sale for nearly one hundred dispensaries. The software suite streamlines retail, operations, data, and logistics while maintaining compliance.

On this episode, David gives a brief history lesson on the cannabis industry, shares key metrics Meadow is focused on, and tackles the stigma surrounding cannabis.

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