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Heidi Zak, Thirdlove: Taking Measured Risks – Well Made E38

March 27, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“It shouldn't be one person impacting millions of women. It should be many, many women — many body types impacting fit.”

ThirdLove set out to face two huge challenges in the bra industry: designing a fit for all women and selling it with no risk to the customer. Their solutions — the Fit Finder quiz and try-before-you-buy program — changed how people buy bras online. 

In 2012, Heidi Zak left her marketing role at Google to start ecommerce bra company, ThirdLove, with her husband, David Spector. After realizing the standard fit model approach was all wrong for the bra industry, Heidi’s team turned to data, using personal measurements to inform the nuanced specs for each size and product. Today, more than seven million women have taken the ThirdLove Fit Finder quiz, which digitizes the fitting room experience. The quiz factors body and breast shape, height, and fit issues, among other input to give every customer personalized results. It’s a feedback loop that helped ThirdLove respond with half cup sizes — they’re still one of the only brands to do so.

Thirdlove Fitfinder

Early manufacturing mistakes and marketing struggles could have spelled the end for the brand, but ThirdLove found creative, radical solutions. ThirdLove has found success in a better fitting product designed for all women, with a risk-free buying experience, and a brand voice focused on inclusivity, that’s driven by data.

On this episode, Heidi talks about lessons she learned from her time at Google, experimenting with retail distribution models, marketing on television, opening a showroom, and the events that changed the course of the company.

Get fitted on the ThirdLove Website. Stay connected with Heidi on Twitter.

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