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Ep. 39 Practicing the Narrative with Maria Thomas

April 10, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“Storytelling doesn't happen just because you uncover an interesting story.”

Maria Thomas has 20 years of tech industry experience. From Amazon to NPR to SmartThings, if there’s one through line in Maria’s career, it’s having the curiosity and vision to help brands get off the ground at an early stage. She’s a seasoned consumer internet pro who experienced the evolution from Web 1.0 to its current state, navigating brands through good and bad times.

After leaving a career in finance, she joined Amazon in the late 90s when they only sold books, music, and video, experiencing the dot-com bubble first hand. She went on to grow NPR’s digital media platform and then as CEO of Etsy she shepherd the business through a period of high growth amidst the 2008 economic crash. As the Chief Consumer Officer of SmartThings, she was at the forefront when they got acquired.

On this episode, Maria talks to Stephan about the value of a brand narrative, preparation, and seeing the potential in promising brands.

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