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Ep. 41 Going Direct to Consumer with Lauren Sherman

April 24, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

Lauren Sherman is the Chief New York Correspondent of the Business of Fashion. On Well Made she’s talking about what’s working and what’s not in the evolution of retail. From Amazon to Allbirds, the former Forbes reporter and Editor-at-Large at Fashionista, covers why and how people are spending their money on fashion. We wanted to talk to her about all the vertical commerce brands popping up and how traditional retailers are adapting to go direct-to-consumer.

On the podcast, Stephan and Lauren talk about how traditional retailers can take their brand online (4:49), how digitally native brands can succeed in physical retail (21:15), and the ongoing tension of shipping and returns in the ecommerce experience (10:30). They ask if brand identity matters (20:35) and why microbrands can win big with marketing (37:23). Finally, Lauren gives her take on where each retail model is headed (25:24).

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Header photo by Phil Oh via Fashionista.

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