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Daniel Broukhim, FabFitFun: Subscribing to a Community – Well Made E42

May 1, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“We're telling a story about the products we are putting in the boxes, and we want everything to have a feeling of cohesion.”

FabFitFun built an extensive community of customers and influencers who share their quarterly unboxings all over social media. Daniel Broukhim is the co-CEO and co-founder of the FabFitFun. He believes bringing value to the customer through their full-size products, digital content integrations, and experiential marketing are keys to their growth.

On Well Made, Daniel joins Stephan and special guest host, Lumi founder Jesse Genet, to talk about bootstrapping their newsletter business into a physical product sold direct-to-consumer (8:36), how storytelling and building a narrative are part of the FabFitFun DNA (8:06), and why staying intentional positioned them in a crowded subscription space (13:12). They talk about the operational obstacles of curating and shipping a quarterly box (14:01) and the initial challenges of sourcing and selling brands on their business (16:05). They dive into how they’re using data to improve the box experience via personalization (19:17) and lastly, they talk about the influence of his family (28:23) and Los Angeles (37:50).

 Daniel Broukhim, FabFitFun: Subscribing to a Community – Well Made E42

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