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Gloria Noto, NOTO Botanics: Creating a Safe Space for Beauty – Well Made E55

August 15, 2018 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

“Society is becoming a little more playful, open, and expressive, but I think we still have a long way to go with that.”

After a decade-long career in the editorial makeup industry, Gloria Noto, found herself searching for more. Gloria has always approached makeup with a light hand, taking inspiration from minimalism and an early 1990s, gender fluid aesthetic. Her all-natural, uni-sex cosmetics line, NOTO Botanics, was a natural progression of her past experiences. Her full body collection of agender oils, serums, and skin tints are multi-use and formulated for everyone.

Nearly three years in, Gloria uses NOTO to express to her voice in full-confidence. Her brand is a platform for education, activism, and inclusive brand messaging — all things she felt were missing in the wellness world. Even as NOTO grows, it’s Gloria’s vision of openness and authenticity that defines the line.

 Gloria Noto, NOTO Botanics: Creating a Safe Space for Beauty – Well Made E55

On this episode, Gloria talks about pursuing a creative career full-time (11:48). She shares how the makeup industry has changed with social media and paid advertising (13:53), and the importance of using queer, multi-racial, and gender-neutral imagery in the beauty space (15:16). Gloria talks about the stigma of makeup for men and aging for women (16:33). With her brand growing, she gets real about the tough manufacturing and hiring choices she’s facing (23:32). Gloria’s shares her big ideas for the future of NOTO Botanics (29:09) and how she's running an instinctive business (32:55) and embracing her whole identity (36:40).

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