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Ep. 67 Designing Your Product Playbook with Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab

January 30, 2019 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

Industrial design studio, Visibility, creates products, furniture, lighting, and spaces. In 2014, two years after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design and moonlighting via Skype, Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab took the studio full time. The agency established an impressive roster of direct-to-consumer clients including Away, Outdoor Voices, and Harry's. Their most recent projects — a bar cart for Dims. and a reusable deodorant case for Myro — demonstrate the pair’s endeavor for simple, functional objects.

“You look at the history of the object and determine lessons that have been learned over time, and you’re kind of designing the next evolution of it while giving it a reason to be new.”

 Designing Your Product Playbook

Behind Visibility is an empirical approach to design. Each project starts with extensive design and market research. As they explore new forms, Joseph and Sina reach a point of clarity, and ultimately a design that pushes the category forward.

“So much of it is curiosity. You have to maintain your own interest level, and part of that is our desire to learn.”

On the show, Joseph and Sina walk through the step-by-step process of bringing a physical product to market. They talk about how they design the playbook that they reference throughout a project (12:42). They cover the time, costs, and vetting that happens before a project begins (20:00). Sina talks about the design considerations for new products (23:43). Joseph shares the unconventional questions (28:08) and practices (29:15) that go into user research. They talk about designing for direct-to-consumer brands (33:30). Joseph explains the sketching, rendering, and prototyping phases (38:50). Finally, they share the final milestones before a project launches (52:06).

View their body of work and follow Visibility on Instagram. 

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Header by Mark Wickens via OTHR. Images via Visibility.

 Designing Your Product Playbook
 Designing Your Product Playbook
 Designing Your Product Playbook
 Designing Your Product Playbook

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