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Ep. 90 Being Unapologetically Free with Joanna Griffiths

July 24, 2019 · RSS · Apple Podcasts

In 2016, Joanna Griffiths found herself at a crossroads. Knix, the size-inclusive functional intimates apparel brand she founded three years prior, was omnichannel. They were selling online and in hundreds of retail stores, but their customers were experiencing a disconnect. That’s when Joanna took her bras and leakproof underwear brand completely online, 100% direct-to-consumer. This fresh start was a chance for Knix to transform their marketing and share honest stories directly with customers. Knix photographs their products on everyday women and they tell raw, honest stories about the messiest, unsexiest, and most humbling challenges women face.

“I found that the shift to sell online and the ability to engage directly with our customers to become more of a storyteller, you know, it really energized me.”

Photos via Joanna Griffiths Being Unapologetically Free
Photos via Joanna Griffiths Being Unapologetically Free

Photos via Joanna Griffiths

Joanna's career has been an exercise in risk-taking. On this episode, she reveals how she's finding Knix's brand voice (13:54) and solving unsexy problems (17:10). Joanna talks about launching products on their timeline since going completely online (21:28). She explains the benefits of not raising funding (for now) (22:53) and the creative control in only answering to yourself (28:42). She shares plans for events and how to know when it’s time to walk away from pop-up experiments when they’re not working (35:08). Lastly, Stephan and Joanna talk about Knixteen, Knix’s teenage line of underwear (38:08) and her plans for the Faces of Fertility podcast (44:30).

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